What exercises help hip pain?


To help alleviate hip pain, the Mind Pump Podcast suggests a variety of exercises:

  1. Foam Rolling: Using a foam roller on the hip, specifically targeting tight spots. This relaxes the muscles and can provide immediate relief. Aim to foam roll two to three times a day until the pain subsides 1.

  2. Hip and Lateral Stability Exercises: Incorporating movements that enhance lateral stability can be beneficial. Exercises such as cossack squats, leg abductions, and lateral band walks help strengthen the stabilizing muscles around the hip 1.

  3. Mobility Drills: Practice mobility drills like the 90/90 stretch, active pigeon pose, and combat stretch. These exercises improve hip mobility and can be particularly useful for those experiencing hip tightness from prolonged sitting 1 2.

  4. Core Engagement: Strengthen the core to support the hips better. Exercises like physio ball crunches, hip bridges, and active planks help engage and strengthen the core, reducing the strain on the hips 3.

    Relieving Hip Pain

    Sal and Justin discuss techniques to alleviate hip pain, including foam rolling and exercises to improve lateral stability. They emphasize the importance of proper form and breathing during these movements.

    Mind Pump Podcast

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  5. Bird Dogs and Hip Thrusts: These exercises are great for enhancing hip strength and stability, offering relief from hip pain. Bird dogs, in particular, are helpful for building core stability while engaging the hips 4.

  6. Stretching: Static stretching of the hip flexors and surrounding muscles can relieve immediate pain and improve overall flexibility 5.

These strategies not only address immediate pain but also help prevent future issues by improving overall hip strength, stability, and mobility. Always perform these exercises with proper form and consult with a medical professional if your pain persists.