What is the growth of organic farming?


Organic farming has shown significant growth over the years, with many facets contributing to its expansion.

  1. Expansion of Organic Farms: Organic farming has been experiencing growth due to an increase in the number of organic farms and the expansion of existing ones. For instance, Laughing Stock Farm started with a quarter acre and grew to ten acres of vegetables along with additional land for rotations and greenhouses (1).

  2. Market Growth: There has been a substantive increase in the market for organic products. According to , there has been a yearly climb of about 20% in farmers markets and about 15% in organic food sales, significantly outpacing the growth in conventional food sales, which is around 1% (2).

  3. Economic Impact: The economic significance of organic farming has become increasingly apparent. From being a small-scale movement, it has evolved into a substantial fraction of the agricultural landscape, fostering discussions on expanding regional food systems that utilize large-scale distribution techniques (2).

  4. Regulatory and Certification Influences: The incorporation of organic standards and certifications, like the introduction of regenerative organic certification, has bolstered the prominence of organic practices. These standards integrate criteria for soil health, animal welfare, and fair labor, further drawing consumer interest and supporting the growth of organic agriculture (3).

    Organic Farming

    Lisa shares her experience running an organic farm, discussing the various crops they grow, the use of cover crops, and their distribution through a community supported agriculture program and local restaurants. Russ learns about CSA and the logistics of participating in such a program.


    Lisa Turner on Organic Farming
  5. Influence on Conventional Farming: Organic techniques are starting to influence conventional farming practices. The transition from exclusively organic standards to more integrated regenerative practices signifies a broader acceptance and adaptation of these methods across various farming practices (4).

The growth of organic farming reflects an increasing consumer preference for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, alongside growing regulatory and market support for such practices.