Are vegetable oils inflammatory?


Yes, vegetable oils can be inflammatory. Several experts discuss this topic, highlighting that polyunsaturated fats commonly found in vegetable oils are prone to oxidation, which can lead to inflammation.

  1. Pradip Jamnadas explains that vegetable seed oils are pro-inflammatory because their polyunsaturated fats can interact with other molecules in the body, leading to inflammation and possibly contributing to coronary artery disease 1.

  2. Ken Berry, MD mentions that vegetable oils like canola, corn, and soybean oils were once thought to be harmless but are now known to be inflammatory 2.

  3. Uma Naidoo points out that processed vegetable oils, especially those used in fast foods, increase omega-6 levels, which drive inflammation 3.

    Vegetable Seed Oils

    Pradip explains how consuming vegetable seed oils can lead to inflammation in the body, contributing to the rise of coronary artery disease in younger generations. Traditional diets rich in saturated fats like ghee were healthier compared to modern diets high in polyunsaturated fats.

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    #251: How Fasting Can Reverse Aging & Prevent Disease with Dr. Pradip Jamnadas
  4. Ben Azadi argues that vegetable oils are more inflammatory than processed sugar or cigarettes, as they embed in cell membranes and create long-lasting inflammation 4.

On the other hand, some studies have shown minimal or no inflammatory effects when compared to other fats, indicating that the context and type of oil may also play significant roles 5. However, the consensus among many experts is that reducing or eliminating certain vegetable oils from the diet can be beneficial in lowering inflammation.